Thank you for taking the time to check out the MTG Content Creator Awards. These awards exist to give the creator community a method of celebrating the many different aspects of what we do individually and communally for Magic the Gathering. Creating videos, streaming, writing articles, creating mini works of art on cardboard, or getting together online with friends or associates to discuss Magic may seem, in a disaggregated view, like a small thing. Even when talking to content creators individually they often downplay their role or their effect on an audience.

When a person takes their art or their words and makes them available to public opinion, they are actually offering up a piece of themselves for praise, critique and in some cases, ridicule. A content creator makes themselves vulnerable for the enjoyment of others. The consequences of this offering often leaves the creator alone in their creativity. Getting no visibility or being hounded by bad actors can have a significant negative effect on those individuals simply trying to connect with others. In any case, we have a responsibility to each member of this community to provide a supportive, inclusive and caring environment. All content creators deserve this consideration. And it is up to each of us to be stewards of our society. Our voices, individually, may get overpowered by the negativity, but that negativity is easily overwhelmed by our many voices sounding in unison.

The MTGCCA and the family network of content creators are here to be that voice.

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You can find me on Twitter @mtg_Strategist (@mtgcca for the awards) or email me at

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