MTGCCA Nomination Period Ends May 15th…now what?

The MTGCCA nomination period will end May 15th. Here’s everything you need to know about what happens next and what you can do right now to support your favorite content creators.

Once the nominations end, the voting process will begin. If you are a Magic: the Gathering content creator, you are eligible to vote. How do you become a voting member? Register your content HERE. With your registration, you’ll be added to the voting member list and you’ll also gain access to the MTGCCA discord.

What happens once the nomination period ends? Answer: The top 6 nominees in each category will be put on a ballot and the ballots will be sent to every voting member. They’ll have about a month to vote. At that point, the winners are decided.

…there are open spots in Best MTG Podcast, both Large and Medium audience, Best MTG Video and Best MTG Artist (Market)

Is there still time to nominate? Answer: Yes. In fact, there are some categories that still have some open spots. As of the publication of this article, there are open spots in Best MTG Podcast, both Large and Medium audience, Best MTG Video and Best MTG Artist (Market). You can see who’s been nominated so far HERE.

The People’s Choice Award. This award is decided by the number of nominations received and is not part of the voting process. This award is intentionally a popular vote.

What’s happening behind the scenes? Answer: We’re contacting and scheduling presenters, working with this year’s hosts to script the show (DeQuan Watson and Brian Allen), and we’re putting together the non-presentation entertainment…musical numbers and skits. Many different content creators contribute their time and talents to make this show happen. This year will be the most ambitious attempt we’ve ever made to entertain you and we’re offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be at least slightly amused sometime during the show.

As always, your questions and concerns are appreciated.

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