The 3rd Annual MTGCCA Hosts

Color of Magic

Brian Allen and DeQuan Watson use their cumulative 40+ years of gaming industry experience to bring the perspective of people of color in Magic: the Gathering to the forefront. We are honored to welcome them as our first ever guest hosts for the awards.

Brian Allen (@DLCeasar)

Proud father, writer, actor/comedian and streamer, Brian Allen has over 20 years of gaming coverage experience and has written for sites including GamerTell, Gameworld Network, Undefeated Magazine and Cardsphere.

You may have seen him on The Best Damn Sports Show Period, or in the webseries Geeks and Gamers Anonymous as “The Leader.” He’s on a quest to dominate the world of geeky media.

DeQuan Watson (@Powrdragn)

He’s done just about everything in the gaming industry: writer, business owner, competitor, judge, designer, event organizer, marketer, and podcaster. He was part of the first Magic podcast and even spent some time working for Wizards of the Coast.

With his over 20 years of gaming industry experience, he has probably forgotten more about content creation than most people have learned.